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The Berkshire Pig is a 350 year old breed from Central England. They are curious and intelligent animals with good maternal instincts. Berkshires are a docile breed that are easy to handle and hardy enough to survive the seasonal extremes in Canada. The Berkshire is a popular breed of pig in Europe and a favorite of The Royal Family.

We raise our animals on a barley based feed without hormones, antibiotics and animal by-products. Our home grown hay is another important part of the diet. This old fashioned way of raining our Berkshires gives us deep marbling and a very juicy, tender, flavorful meat.

Each sow will produce an average of 8-10 piglets per litter. Berkshire’s are extremely attentive mothers and the piglets are very social and playful animals.

For inquiries about our Berkshire products, please contact us by phone at 519.393.6846



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